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A day at Minthis

Minthis, Tsada, 26842200

All I knew about Minthis before last Tuesday was that it was a Golf resort and that from what I’ve seen in pictures it has nice villas. The fact that they had 5 million square meters of hills covered with natural, local plantation including (soon to be) 400 luxury villas, a beautiful clubhouse and facilities like no one else in the country was unknown to me, and I must say, one big surprise.Yes it’s huge, but you don’t feel it. Driving around all you can see is the local stone used to make modern villas surrounded by greenery. I must admit I appreciated it even more when I was told that they can’t plant anything that’s not local, and they can’t build in more than 3% of the total area as preservation of nature is now more important than ever.The main feature at the moment is of course, the clubhouse. A beautiful stone building giving a sense of friendly luxury. What I also didn’t know is that the restaurant is open to the public any day for lunch and dinner. The brand new menu by the chef, Tolis Kravaris is modern Mediterranean with local touches including Greek salad made differently, a very well prepared chicken started served beautifully in a lettuce pouch and a well-cooked tagliata which was so good I could have it every day. Worth noting is that on Sundays Mr Kravaris makes island “meze” (“nisiotikous mezedes”), a great opportunity to enjoy wine and nibbles in a tranquil setting on a veranda overlooking the Cypriot mountains.

Now the villas. Luxury, comfort, beauty and relaxation at their most is all I can say. Everything is made to serve high net-worth locals and tourist who want to switch off, network and get pampered. One can either buy or rent or lease a villa depending on the season.
The whole project won’t be completed until 2020 with additions including (ahem ahem) a luxurious Spa, made and supervised by some of the best around the world.
I could write 20 pages describing Minthis and what I have seen and heard during my day there but in a nutshell, what it offers is lifestyle. A luxurious environment to bring out the most of Cyprus. Although I am very much against mass produced projects that destroy our island this resort has preserved nature, has used local elements and local aesthetics to make something where people can enjoy Cyprus.

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