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Elma & Fred revisited

Georgiou Griva Digeni 42-44, NICOSIA, 22680400
Mon-Sat 9:00-23:00
Elma and what? Fred. Elma & Fred. The funky shop with the cool name should be your new must-visit place for two main reasons
1) The new “Green Menu” supervised by Dietician Alexia Potamitou.
2) The international-standard cocktails accompanied by their latest food menu.
No one can deny that this stylish, modern and minimalistic concept store is something very well done. Apart from clothes for men and women by designers like Elizabetta Franchi and Denny Rose, high-end kitchenware and pantry items, one can also dine in the beautiful restaurant on the side of the shop. Forget the rustic-vintage decor trend that has been on for a few years. Think of a place where Milan meets Sloane Street kind of thing. Elma & Fred is all about Italian elegance and style. Apart from low dining tables there are also high tables ideal for drinks, private events or casual dining. The inside space is tiny with merely 4-5 small tables, ideal for a business lunch or quiet meal. Now the food. Although until a few weeks ago the food was listed on a short menu of salads, light dishes and “piadinas” (aka Italian flat bread), the selection has increased significantly. What I appreciated is that, although the menu is bigger it has kept a consistent style across the selection with international, light and refined menu. When I find more than 2 dishes that I really want to eat it’s always a good sign!
The Honey Walnut Salad I tried with cranberries and parmesan flakes was great for a fruity, sweet and sour option and not dipped in dressing like most of the salads out there. The Asian Salad with green leaves, cabbage, broccoli, carrots beans and sesame is definitely the best for the ones want to go all-green. Definitiely the definition of nutritious and delicious (and vegan).
The Chicken Quesadilla with Italian flatbread, melted cheese, chicken and guacamole was ideal for melted cheese lovers. Also a good option if you feel like a sandwich but don’t want to eat a lot of bread. 
From the Green menu the Buckwheat tabouleh salad, a true superfood mix was more than a meal with a fresh lemony flavour while the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Toscana brown bread and avocado is definitely a more refined-sandwich option.
My favourites were definitely the Argentinian Bon Fillet Steak Rolls that were simply fresh asparagus wrapped in thinly cut steaks, served with a light sauce and potatoes. A great dish for steak lovers looking for a more easy-to-eat option. My second favourite were the Bao Beef Burgers with bao buns, portobello mushrooms, served with coleslaw. If you like your burger to be more aromatic and spicy you will love them! Both very appropriate for a night of cocktails or to go with a good bottle of wine. Worth mentioning is the list of cocktails offering a different touch to the whole image of the concept store. I particularly liked the Strawberry Basil G ‘n’ T for something more aromatic, served beautifully in a ballon glass, while the Hot Juliet went on the top of my list of spicy cocktails.
Go for lunch, go for drinks, go for a casual dinner, go for the high quality, contemporary vibe.
Prices range from 7-8eur to 18eur depending on the type of dish.

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