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Buffalo Wings and Rings

Georgiou ‘A 58, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Tel: 25 622229
Mon-Sun 12:00-00:00
When you hear “American cuisine” what comes to mind? Fried chicken? Burgers? Chicken wings? Indulgent Mexican food? . Well, apparently Americans took the best of everyone else’s food, added a lot of cheese, spices, sauces, super-sized everything and called it American cuisine. It may sound infuriating but after you taste these wings, this cheesy burger and the yummy fajitas you will calm down.
Buffalo Wings and Rings is exactly as you imagine it to be: it’s a high quality American franchise, very family oriented with huge portions and very indulgent comfort food. I was going to go with Mr Proud Cypriot but deliberately looked for 2 more people so we can try as many dishes as possible, knowing how big American portions are. Plus I had three Buy-1-Get-1-Free vouchers from the ENTERTAINER app (best app ever with thousands of this type of offers), meaning that I would get 2 out of 4 dishes for free.
The menu is long with every American dish you can imagine: amazing starters like nachos and crispy onion rings, a large selection of wings with 10 sauces, burgers, Mexican food (burritos, tacos and fajitas), ribs and chops. We got one of every thing except the starters.We got 3 x 5 Chicken Wings to try 3 out of 10 different sauces. Each portion came with either blue cheese (my all time favourite), and ranch sauce. We preferred the “Crazy” which was basically garlic and BBQ sauce, (and no, it’s not that garlicky) while the Buffalo and the Teriyaki sauces not far behind in flavour. The wings were delicious, covered in sauce and very easy to eat (you can also opt for the breaded wings which are probably more crispy).
The Ringer Burger with bacon, American cheese, BBQ sauce and crispy onion rings was quite special. They later mentioned that the make the burgers themselves with fresh local beef, and I must say, they do taste “real”. We also tried the Saratoga chips which were basically freshly fried crisps.The Chicken Fajitas were not far behind with a very decent portion of classic fajitas, while the massive Pork Chop served with hot mac’n’cheese was tender, perfectly salty and flavourful. The boys said the coleslaw was exactly what they needed with that dish! As if we didn’t have enough, minutes before we finished a classic Chocolate Lava Cake landed on our table. We all said we were too full. Obviously it didn’t stop us from devouring it in less than 3 minutes: moist, rich, balanced perfectly with the ice-cream scoop, the definition of that guilty pleasure. Stavros, the manager mentioned that everything is made with fresh ingredients including the meat, something that I must say, was obvious compared to several other franchises of this type.
Our food cost 59€ and with the ENTERTAINER app we got 2 dishes for free so it came to 32€ excluding drinks. That’s 27€ of savings through an app that costs 19.95€ with the early bird discount. Yes, you read that right. The ENTERTAINER is the ultimate lifestyle app which you can download on your smart phone and has thousands of 1+1 offers in food, drinks, wellness, kids activities, spas and anything else you may think of. In finance they call it “arbitrage”, meaning risk-less profit. You pay 19.95€ and you save thousands, making up for the actual cost on your first meal. AND it gives you nearby options which are on the ENTERTAINER. I still don’t get why someone shouldn’t get it. 

Needless to say I am going back to try: the nachos, the baby back ribs, the burritos and of course…for more wings!

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