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Aelia Wellness Retreat

When you hear about a Spa and Wellness retreat in Tseri it doesn’t sound like much. Why would anyone go to Tseri to spend their day at a spa? The truth is you have to see it to believe it. A true contradiction to its surroundings, a real sanctuary right in the middle of nowhere with a great spa, very good food and as of a recently, a few rooms for accommodation. That’s Aelia Spa and Resort.

It is not as big as it sounds with one main building. I loved how it’s all on one floor as it makes it look smaller and cosier. The restaurant is on one side, and although the greenery around it is limited I did think I was in a beautiful garden. The bohemian decor suits the overall vibe while the colourful accessories make all the difference.

The menu is international with a healthy kick, very suitable to the whole spiritual vibe Aelia has. Being in the ENTERTAINER app, the ultimate lifestyle app with thousands of 1+1 offers meant that we could get 2 free main dishes with every 2 mains we order. The Ethnic style salmon which came first was surprisingly good. Served with black rice and an aromatic sauce was light yet delicious.

My favourite dish was the Beef “kritharotto” served in a clay pot, indeed a great winter dish with melt-in-mouth beef and very well cooked “kritharotto” in a tomato sauce. The Garden pasta for the proud Cypriot daughter was well prepared and a great vegan choice.

The Chicken Harissa was not far behind as it was very beautifully served with yogurt and rice.

The bill came to around 60euros but we paid 39eur (with a glass of white wine) thanks to the ENTERTAINER app. It’s funny how it costs 29 euros to get the app and with just one meal I actually saved 20eur. Apart from the food at Aelia some spa services are also included in the 1+1 meaning next time I can enjoy a massage and get another one for free! The right time to visit Aelia depends on your family status. Go on weekdays for a relaxing couple of hours, on weekends for a nice lunch, late afternoons for drinks on the bar and any other time if you just want to take a quick city break. A sanctuary 20 minutes from the city centre helps you do just that! (And don’t forget to use your discount from the ENTERTAINER!)

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