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Boho Bar Restaurant

Yummy truffles and macarons? Check. Brunch? Check. Good coffee? Check. Beautiful garden? Check. All of the above and more in a beautiful indoor yard right in the centre of the most iconic streets of Limassol, Agiou Andreou have just landed. Its name represents it perfectly as the garden is a bohemian getaway and a great contradiction to the touristy Agiou Andreou. Although it needs some patching up I loved the colourful pillows, the fountain in the middle of the space and the overall tranquil vibe this place had.

The menu consisted of brunch, sandwiches and pasta and main dishes, all made by Constantinos, one of the most well-known chefs in Limassol. The food was international with a few local touches. The good thing is that it all looked very indulging and easy to eat, a major plus in an all-day place. The Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon with homemade Hollandaise sauce were quite good although the white part was a bit too runny. The bun it was served on was decent and so as the salad.

The lountza and cheese bagel was a good idea for breakfast while the hand-cut fries were a great addition. My favourite dish were was the American style pancakes with mascarpone and berries as they were extra fluffy, sweet and very well balanced with the mascarpone cheese and the sourness of the berries.

After having tried the macarons and truffles I am almost certain that the chef has a strong inclination towards sweets as they were truly very well done.Another thing to mention is the good coffee. When I saw the speciality coffee tools being sold by the entrance I was almost sure the coffee would have been good and fortunately I was right.

Boho was fortunately part of the ENTERTAINER app, my favourite thing lately with thousands of 1+1 offers in food, wellness, drinks and coffees… you name it! This means we ordered 4 dishes and paid only for 2, saving around half of our bill amount. The only thing that matters is that almost every single time I eat out and save with the ENTERTAINER I pay for the full cost of the app which is now 29.99eur. So far I’ve saved 480eur and counting! The app can be downloaded from their website

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