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The grillhouse projekt

Arch. Makariou III Avenue, 177, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
7000 5959

How long has it been since we had a good restaurant opening in Limassol? Even I don’t know. People seem to have stayed in their comfort zone for some time now. The truth is the grill house projekt, (mind the intentional small caps), came at the right time with high quality, classic, all-in, grilling. As you probably know by now I am all for specialisation: do one thing, and do it great, and this is exactly what this projekt does. In other words: it’s making grilling great again!

The projekt which is nothing but a restaurant created by 3 friends out of passion for good food, is situated in the old Ariel kebab place, right by the Ariel traffic lights – a location with a relatively easy access. It’s small with a contemporary vibe, ideal for a casual lunch or an easy dinner. I loved the wood vs black decor combo, perfect for a grill house. Furthermore there’s an open plan kitchen which really gives you the grill feel and makes the place more vibrant.

As the name suggests the food consists mainly of meat, veggies and salmon on the grill, salads and some appropriate starters. The homemade dips that came first served with whole meal and plain pitta bread were delicious. I particularly liked the red tzatziki and the “tyrokafteri” (spicy cheese) dips, with familiar flavours done differently.

The grilled mushrooms with parsley and olive oil cooked for just the right amount of time were yummy while the fresh Cypriot salad served with lettuce and feta cheese was a necessity before a grilled meat feast.

From the main dishes my favourite ones were by far the Cornish Hen, which is basically a baby chicken grilled whole with a hot brick on top and served with freshly cut fries, grilled veg and lots of herbs (YUM!), the beef kebab, a unique dish ideal for beef lovers like me and of course, the pork and chicken souvlaki in pita bread: moist, tender and flavourful. It’s worth mentioning that Mr Proud Cypriot still insists that the best dish was the Tomahawk pork chop, truly massive in size and a real beauty.

I am not a fan of sweet potatoes but fortunately for some, there is the option of homemade, hand-cut sweet potato fries vs regular ones. On another occasion we also tried the quinoa salad with grilled salmon, an ideal dish for a light, high protein lunch.

It’s funny how something so simple can be transformed into such a great meal with high quality ingredients, smart combination of spices and a good grill! Worth mentioning is also that it’s the first place I ‘ve heard of that makes souvlaki on a Sunday night (hallelujah!), and it’s open all day every day for dine in and take away. Price per main dish varies from 6eur to 15eur depending on what you order.

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