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Mylos Gialia

Gialia village – Paphos

Tel: 26 342676

Gialia what? Yes, it’s a village. Right after Argaka, drive up the hill and you will see it. This is a long overdue review from last year, but as the summer season is almost here I feel it’s my obligation to share it. Don’t expect fancy tables and French-style service, this place is a family affair. The people who know it may judge me for sharing but I do feel everyone deserves to know about this beautiful little place. 

We sat in a beautiful garden with a covered veranda and a panoramic view of the hills. The food is standard as the mother prepares just a few local dishes for the days they are open while the waiters and sous chefs are no-one but the rest of the family members – kids and adults alike. The freshly prepared salad was delicious and so were the home made meatballs (“keftedes”) and pasticcio.

We also tried “kleftiko” (slow cooked lamb), a great end to our traditional meal.

The cherry on the cake was the freshly fried “loukoumades” served hot and the fact that we paid 60€ for 4 people including drinks! Go to remember what it’s like to eat simple, home-made and delicious food with kind and authentic people. They are only open on Saturdays and Sunday lunch, or upon request and they can make whatever you want (almost), including Cypriot breakfast!

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