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Polis 1907

Griva Digeni 13 Polis Chrysochous Paphos

Tel: 26 913800

Being invited on a weekday for an overnight stay in a hotel in Polis Chrysochous is not an easy task for a mother of three whose husband travels 180 days a year. It’s not easy to decline such an invitation either so the best thing is to make it happen. So I did.

I have mentioned my love for Polis Chrysochous, Latsi and Akamas many times and have also made it my Cyprus holiday destination for the past 5 years. You can imagine my excitement for the arrival of a new accommodation option in the heart of Polis. And it wasn’t just that it was another place to stay at but more of how beautiful and well renovated this place was.

As the name suggests the building was an old house built in 1907 and operated as a school until the early 1900’s and then as a house and shop. After being almost abandoned for the decade it was finally bought and renovated into something everyone could enjoy. The neoclassical meets contemporary elegance, simple, cosy and beautiful ambiance have made it into an attractive space for a few nights.

One can find 6 rooms on the first floor (including a suite), overlooking the city of Polis and an Akakiko restaurant on the ground floor. Although I thought having a pan Asian restaurant in a traditional looking house was rather unorthodox, the reason they chose it was not to interfere with local taverns’ business and add something different to the all-year-round residents of the surrounding areas. Quite justifiable if you ask me. Needless to say that the food at Akakiko was at equally high standards as in the capital, very attentive service and contemporary vibe with an open kitchen combining perfectly the old stone walls with modern elements.

The price of 80eur to 120eur depending on the season I thought was fair for a double room in Polis 1907 and a great option if you would like to feel the vibe of Polis and at the same time have access to the local beaches of Latsi and Akamas.

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