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Park Lane Hotel Amathounta, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL), 25862000

Tue – Sun 19:00-23:00

It’s official, the new era of restaurants is here, and we are ready for it. So far we’ve had very expensive places with average food and service, very good food with bad service and so on. And now we see international quality food, impeccable service and a great experience as a whole, one where we don’t have to say “it’s good for Cyprus”, but it’s good with any standards. And the Islands is here to represent just that.

Walking through Park Lane was pleasant, especially since it was my first time visiting it during nighttime. It’s not a long walk but you can get the gist. I loved how a large selection of well presented seafood on ice was by the door, including oysters and shellfish and immediately felt a positive vibe with the extremely warm welcome by the team. As the name suggests, the tables are on small “islands” made of deck wood on top of a small pool creating a tranquil, peaceful and private feel. 

The menu fits perfectly to the restaurant style: it’s short with pure seafood dishes as well as a touch of creativity. We went for a bit of both.

The oysters we had to start were delicious, fresh and a great introduction t our meal. Our Flavours of the Sea warm salad with crab meat and warm panko prawns and greens was a light yet interesting cold starter. We could feel a touch of Asia but not at the expense of simplicity.

The Soft Shell Crab from the hot appetisers with saffron potatoes and sweet chilli sauce was delicious, and great for something more complicated in terms of flavour combination. It was beautifully presented.

Together with our second appetiser, the Caramelised Scallops in rosemary curry butter made our table look like something we’ve never seen before. Our main dish was nothing but Lobster Linguini for two, and can I just say, definitely the best one I’ve had in a couple of years. For the first time in a long time the pasta was al dente, with a flavourful tomato sauce (which fortunately the pasta was not drowned in). I am not a fan of cheese on top of seafood pasta, but other than that it was pure excellency.

Yes, we were stuffed but Mr Proud Cypriot insisted to try the Salted Caramel Mousse with Mascarpone ice cream. I was too focused on my food and wine pairing experience to care about dessert but it looked stunning.

If you like good wine I highly recommend leaving your wine to the hands of Giorgos Loukakis, a truly knowledgable and friendly sommelier which was kind enough to offer a mini crash course during our meal. Islands offers indeed a unique experience, an introduction to something new for our little island, a must-visit for a special seafood experience in all aspects. Grill house, you’re next!

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