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Wok ‘n’ Roll Fitness Menu

I exercise, and have been exercising my whole life. I also like to eat nutritiously, but no, I am not a chicken-and-rice person. I am not a no-carbs person and I am not an eat-whatever-as-long-as-it’s-fat-free person. So the reason I am writing about this Fitness Menu is because it’s not the above. What it IS however, is delicious and nutritious. Delicious, clean, all-inclusive dishes with everything you need to enjoy a light, healthy and filling meal.

If you live in Limassol you know Wok ‘n’ Roll for its large Chinese food selection, its good sushi selection and generally a broad Asian selection always connected in your mind to that Friday night delivery. I wasn’t surprised by the relatively new Fitness Menu as there was always a touch of “clean cuisine” in Wok ‘n’ Roll with its (then) pioneer smoothies, (because having spirulina in 2011 was pioneering). Although the Fitness Menu is only 2 pages long, it includes a large selection of healthy choices like yummy grilled or steamed meat and fish with side dishes, filling Quinoa bowls, great sushi and a large selection of refreshing salads. Each dish apart from its calorie count has its own “category” mentioned below it e.g. protein plus, protein booster, low cal, vegetarian lean and healthy etc.

The Grilled salmon salad with avocado which came first was light, but very refreshing with a generous quantity of salmon.

The Quinoa bowl with chicken and grilled veggies and Teriyiaki sauce was equally tasty and ideal for those who like a big lunch – light in flavour with a kick from the Teriyiaki sauce. My favourite dish was the Futo sushi rolls. 5 big sushi rills with a good sized seaweed salad at only 445 calories is something I could have day and night.

My second favourite was the Grilled seabass with chickpeas, veggies and caper salad served with brown rice in a bento box, a complete and very easy all-round meal.

The watermelon sushi we had as an extra for dessert definitely wins the prize for light dessert of the year.

To cut the long story short: you can find light food everywhere, you can find clean salads in quite a few places, but why compromise on flavour to get something light and nutritious?All you need to know is that the Fitness Menu is available online to order for take-way, delivery and dine-in for lunch and dinner every day. Need I say more?

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