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Mascarpone and Fig Summer Sandwich

If I had to say what my “thing” was I would say sandwiches and pizzas. I don’t know what it is about sandwiches, perhaps it’s that they remind me of my childhood, it’s an all in food, they usually contain cheese which I love..who knows?

This time I tried something different combining a few of my favourite flavours: the soft and smooth texture of mascarpone, the salty prosciutto and the sweet and refreshing figs. Combined in a whole grain ciabatta was a summer dream come true. All ingredients are from Alpha Mega.


Whole-grain ciabatta from Alpha Mega Bakery section

3-4 slices of prosciutto

Mascarpone cheese to spread

3-4 ripe figs

Italian rocket for decoration


There’s not a lot to say here besides, to spread a thick layer of mascarpone on the ciabatta. Place 2 slices of prosciutto on top to cover the cheese. Cut the figs finely without destroying them and place them on top of the prosciutto. Decorate with rucola if you like.

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