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Bistro 55 Summer Edition

12A Vasileos Georgiou Str, 4047, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL), 25 212100

Tue-Sun 10:30-23:00

Remember Bistro55 in the old city of Limassol? A restaurant which developed from a “good effort to make something different” to one of the finest restaurants in the city? Well, meet the Summer Edition by the sea. It’s my third visit (including the winter edition), in the past year and a half and every single time the meal, the service and the overall experience exceeded all my expectations of having a refined, sophisticated, creative and delicious meal in all aspects.

When I order “Hamachi ceviche” and “Scallops tartare” in Cyprus I don’t have the same expectations as say, London, yet last night I felt I was somewhere beyond our little island. The Hamachi Ceviche served with jalapeños salsa and lemon verbana sorbet, was a great balance of a mildly sour and refreshing dish. The Scallop Tartare with tomato water (which is evidently, white) and cauliflower macademia purée was surprisingly delicious.

The Asian Salad with gem lettuce and avocado although seemed like a common dish it was surprisingly different with a light lemony flavour and a salty hit coming from the smoked salmon. What added greatly to our meal was the excellent combination of dishes as I felt one complemented the other rather than destroying the flavours that were building up.

We wanted to order a fourth starter (between two people) simply because we wanted to try the crab cakes but didn’t. You can imagine how pleased we were when they kindly offered us a Crab Cake starter to try. The cake was thin and flavoursome with a miso aioli and guava condimdent.

We shared a Greek style seafood “kritharotto” (orzo), a difficult dish in my opinion. For the 5th time during our meal the dish exceeded our expectations with the orzo being cooked “al dente”, and a good amount of well prepared seafood and a light lemony after taste.

Although we were full we did leave some space for dessert. The Strawberry Mousse with meringues and basil ice cream was a great ending to our meal since it was light, refreshing with familiar flavours transformed to something new. The cherry on the cake was the warm Tahini Chocolate cake which we said we wouldn’t eat but devoured at the end. The only thing I will say is that every single chocolate lover should not leave without trying it!

The space is casual with the decor having light exotic elements like the bamboo chairs. It’s not as sophisticated and formal as the food but in my opinion it suits the summer edition since we do go after “easier” options. Although I would normally go on and on about the portable toilets and the fact that my feet were devoured by mosquitoes the food was so good that I will skip both and just say that we had a genuinely delicious meal. Not one of those which you have only on special occasions, but those, which you are happy to enjoy regularly and casually, even on weekdays.

We spent 45 euros each for 3 starters, 1 main and a bottle of wine, a high value for money place given the type of dishes we had.

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