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Right where we had 0 exposure to Israeli food suddenly we have two to choose from, and from what I have seen so far…keep them coming! Although at first glance one may think they have tried most of the dishes before (falafel, hummus, wraps), the flavours have a style of their own, same same but different as I call them. In a nutshell: cool, fun and delicious.

The reason it took me a month after opening to visit it is that the place is small with only a handful of tables outside and not where I wanted to be in August. That means it’s ideal for this time of the year (October-November). I immediately became addicted to the small dips buffet inside the restaurant with my favourite flavours: garlic, lemon, onion, pickle and generally dips with lots of spices, great to start with and to pair your meal with.

The menu is short with starters, food served on a plate and wraps. The hummus with fried aubergine and falafel was delicious, fresh, homemade and a great combination of spice and veggies. I loved the cauliflower served whole, very middle eastern and a great vegetarian dish.

The chicken schnitzel served with pickles in plate was equally yummy. It was freshly fried, thin and chopped in strips and can be served in a wrap too. The kebab that looked like a burger was great for meat lovers, full of herbs and spices – also sold in a wrap too.

The Jerusalem mixed grill was not my usual mixed grill as it contained chicken hearts, livers and spleen, a dish for the gourmands who like to try something different. In all honesty if you don’t know what it is it’s delicious!

Finally the Shakshuka was the cherry on the cake, fresh, mildly spicy and rich, a must-have if you are a fan.

The desserts just confirmed our opinion of the food up to that point. The mahalepi with rose water and coconut flakes was light in flavour and great for a hot day whereas the kunefe is a must-have as it was served melting hot!

The only caveats for Pitot are not to over-order! All dishes come with hummus and salads. Apart from dine-in I also ordered online from Bolt and the experience was equally pleasant. If you are a fan of Middle Eastern food with foreign influences, or good food in general just go!

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