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Chocolate Cookie Crust Cheesecake with Foodsaver Stores

I created this New York style Cheesecake recipe for February for Foodsaver Stores in Cyprus. I tested the recipe when I was in Cyprus in January. It’s really easy to make a cheesecake despite me thinking [...]


A restaurant is all about managing to combine a number of factors perfectly: the menu, the decoration, the size of the space, prices…everything that brings together a great experience. The key is not doing everything right, [...]

Aelia Wellness Retreat

When you hear about a Spa and Wellness retreat in Tseri it doesn’t sound like much. Why would anyone go to Tseri to spend their day at a spa? The truth is you have to see [...]

Boho Bar Restaurant

Yummy truffles and macarons? Check. Brunch? Check. Good coffee? Check. Beautiful garden? Check. All of the above and more in a beautiful indoor yard right in the centre of the most iconic streets of Limassol, Agiou [...]

Superfood Sandwich recipes

This post is all about giving you inspiration to try amazing sandwich combination with readily available ingredients. They are nutritious, delicious and they look good! My guests couldn’t have enough and I did catch a few [...]

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

If now is not the time for a comforting hot soup then when is? This soup is very hearty, mildly sweet from the pumpkin but at the same time it has a kick of spice from [...]

Carrot-Ginger Soup with Foodsaver Stores

I came to Cyprus from Canada in the hopes that I would bask in sunshine, get a tan, and stock up on my Vitamin D. Instead, I have been (pleasantly, because Cyprus needs the rain) surprised [...]

Beef Bourgoignon

Tender, flavourful, rich and comforting. A classic Beef Bourgoignon recipe made to impress a small group on a cold night, on a family lunch or any other day you feel you need homemade comfort food. Ingredients [...]

Pork Stew with Foodsaver Stores

It’s really interesting how easy it is to make stew, and generally casserole meat. All you have to do is use good meat, a lot of fresh herbs and let it cook for a long time. [...]

Cheesy spinach pasta bake recipe

Why is cheese considered to be comfort food? Is it because it’s salty? Warm? Or just yummy? Whatever the case, this pasta bake was ideal on the first Saturday of December. Apart from being yummy, I [...]


Chrysanthou Mylona 5, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Tel: 25 368837 Mon-Sat 11:00-22:00 They say the most important thing in life is to be grateful. Taking that into consideration I then have to firstly thank the ENTERTAINER. Not for [...]

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Georgiou ‘A 58, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Tel: 25 622229 Mon-Sun 12:00-00:00 When you hear “American cuisine” what comes to mind? Fried chicken? Burgers? Chicken wings? Indulgent Mexican food? . Well, apparently Americans took the best of everyone else’s [...]