cyprus heritage

Modern Flaounes (Cyprus Easter Bread)

Cyprus Easter Cheese Bread, (“Flaounes”) play an incredibly important role in Cypriot cuisine. Since I was a little girl I remember my mom’s best friend and my mom getting together once a year to make heaps [...]

Tropical “Koulourakyia” With Coconut & Rum

OK, so this recipe has a tropical twist. Those who know me, know that I love Hawaii. We used to go every Christmas with my family. My family had a restaurant, and in the restaurant business [...]

Chili Chickpeas (“Spicy Revithkia”)

In Cyprus, we call this dish “revithkia”. It is a dish that my family makes all the time (too often according to the younger ones in the family). It also happens to be a fasting dish, [...]

“Melomakarona” With A Ginger Twist

“Baby, it’s colllld ouuuutside…” Do you listen to Christmas music while you bake in December? I do. And my favourite thing to bake? Cypriot Christmas cookies. They remind me of my family and friends, because I [...]

Focaccia Bread

Soft, fluffy. Salty. A touch of sweetness and oil. These are qualities that describe my perfect Focaccia bread. I am making bread because it is olive season in Cyprus right now. That means that my family [...]

Tsoureki recipe by Kalopesas (Cyprus Easter Orange Bread)

Sometimes I wonder who created the Easter Bunny? Think about it. It’s a giant rabbit that has a basket full of chocolate Easter eggs. Anyhoo, I’m all for any occasion to hide chocolates around the house. [...]

A Guide to Cypriot Pastas

At first glance, you might think that Cyprus wouldn’t traditionally have a connection with pasta. Well, that’s what I thought. But when you think about it, there are actually a lot of Cypriot dishes that involve [...]

Cypriot Pasta With Chicken, Lemon And Anari

My aunt laughed at me when I asked her how to make this recipe for the first time. The reason being is that it really is as simple as it sounds. You boil chicken. Then you [...]

A Guide To Cyprus Flours

You may be wondering what flours are used to make certain traditional Cypriot foods. This guide provides a quick guide to the types of flours typically used in Cypriot cooking and what they are used to [...]

“Daktyla” aka Ladies Fingers

The random thing about not being in Cyprus, is that if you crave Cypriot food, you just have to make it yourself because you can’t really find its products that easily – (save for halloumi cheese). [...]

Rabbit Stifado

This week I made rabbit stifado. Until I was in my mid twenties I actually thought this dish was made with chicken. Why? Because my mom had told me it was chicken as I was growing [...]


Yesterday my mom and I decided to make a Cypriot traditional recipe called “koupes” which are sort of like a meaty-falafel. I have to say that I have been dreading making “koupes” and saved it as [...]