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Fig Tree Bay   Green Bay   Grecian Bay   Konnos Bay   Sirena Bay   Sunrise/Vrissiana beach

city overview

Even though Ammochostos (Famagusta) city itself is one of the two cities of the island that, since 1974 are Turkish occupied, part of the district of Ammochostos is still accessible, therefore we are allowed to enjoy some of the prettiest beaches on the island. If we had to name the two best beach places it would have to be Protaras (Ammochostos) and Akamas (Paphos).

The city of Ammochostos used to be the top destination before 1974, with some of the best resorts of the island. Since the Turkish invasion it is a ghost town where one can still see the bombed hotels and the abandoned houses, surrounded by wild plantation and wires. The locals had no choice but to move their hotels and restaurants a bit further down to Protaras and Ayia Napa, now probably the top touristic destinations for Europeans of all ages. One can go to relax on the exotic blue beaches of Protaras (Vrissiana/Sunrise area or Sirena Bay) or party in Ayia Napa, the islands biggest party place especially for House and Trance music lovers, as it hosts some of the most famous DJs of the world.

A day or two on Protaras beaches (Sirena Bay, Vrissiana Hotel area, Konnos Bay or Green Bay) followed by fish at Kalamies or traditional Greek food at Kiklos, and drinks at Alati by the beach or Guru Bar is a must.