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city overview

The capital and largest city of Cyprus with around 250,000 citizens is the only divided capital in Europe. Over history, the city was conquered by several rulers, hence the need of protection with walls, within which the old city is situated. Even though Lefkosia itself is not a top touristic destination as it is in the center of the island (with no beach), it attracts a lot of cultural visitors, especially for its interesting history, the “green line” (or buffer zone) that divides the old city that reminds a modern Berlin Wall, the contradiction of the modern and developed center (around Makarios Ave), and the traditional town. Its cosmopolitan nightlife is worth trying out if one wants to party amongst the locals and away from the tourists.

A visit in the capital is a must, mainly to walk in the old town and feel the history, to shop in Makarios Ave for high street shopping and Stasikratous st for more upmarket tastes, to have lunch at Mattheos by the Faneromeni church, have coffee at Diosmos & Kanela in Onasagorou, aperitif at Caraffa Bastione, dinner at Aigaio and party at Mo or Aperitivo clubs. Other places not to miss around the area would be Serreoi for traditional Mpougatsa (sweet pastry), Avo for Armenian Lahmatzoun, 3 Fanaria for a coffee and Galaktobourekko (traditional cream sweet) and 7 Klidia for coffee or drinks.