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Pork Stew with Foodsaver Stores

It’s really interesting how easy it is to make stew, and generally casserole meat. All you have to do is use good meat, a lot of fresh herbs and let it cook for a long time. [...]

Roast Duck

The festive season is here-ish and I got in the cooking spirit quite easily. I’ve made roast lamb several times but the time has come to go a step further into something different, something equally (if [...]

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe with Foodsaver Stores

Usually Mac ‘n’ Cheese wouldn’t need an intro because everyone loves it. This, however, is a special recipe for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s by Jamie Oliver so it’s more adventurous and more aromatic with [...]

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

I have been looking for a healthy chocolate pancake recipe for some time now. I tried oat banana pancakes successfully but for kids chocolate never fails. Fluffy, soft and yummy for kids, grown-ups and any pancake [...]

Apricot Strawberry Smoothie

The smoothie season has begun! Not that you can’t have smoothies or juices before May but let’s face it, in this heat a smoothie is never a bad idea. I used fresh fruit and high quality [...]

Bircher Muesli recipe perfected

My favourite bloggers have managed to truly perfect this recipe so here I am sharing it. If you are a muesli fan (and even better – a Bircher muesli fan) do it now. Make loads and [...]

Healthier Yogurt Berry Muffins

I have been desperate for a healthier muffin recipe for a a long time now (not anymore!). These are not your typical muffins as they are more doughy and thick but I was shocked by how [...]